Fun apps 

1. Poly vore

Poly vore is an app were you can search up clothes based on your style. When you see a piece of clothing you like you click on the heart above the piece of clothing and it will automatically go to your profile under the things you like. You can find tons of clothing, beauty, furniture, accessories and much more for cheap. After you have a couple of things you like you could even make an outfit ( picture 3 ) Also if you really like something you could buy it!

I really love this app, and I definitely recommend it!

here is my profile name for Poly Vore:    mloti-wordpress

2. Don’t touch the spikes 

Don’t touch the spikes is a very fun and addicting game ( trust me 😉 ) The goal of the game is to let the bird not touch the spikes by tapping on the screen of your iPhone iPod iPad etc. You can also explore the cave which is kind of the same thing but then in the dark. ( picture 2 ) Also you can go to the park and earn diamonds I think is what they’re called😀. At the end you can earn candy’s and diamonds, and then you could go to the shop and by new birds. 

It is kind of hard to explain what you have to do but it is similar to flappy bird I guess😊.And if You download the  game You could probably see what I’m talking about😀.

3. Pinterest

I think most of you probably already now Pinterest but for the ones who don’t 😀 Pinterest is an app where you can find DIY’s and fun pictures, I think it  is similar to We Heart It.  I definitely recommend this app because you can get a lot of inspiration. 



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