Fun things to do ( in summer)

Hey guys, 

So I recently looked at Pinterest and I found a lot of cool DIY’s and things you could do in summer (but of course you can do these things anytime you would like) I can’t do most of these things because I don’t have a yard or a space were I could do them but I still wanted to share some of these DIY’s with you guys because I totally love them, so let’s begin ūüėÄ

So what you need for this first DIY is: 

  • A canvas 
  • Balloons 
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • And some darts    

First you want to start of by putting the paint in your balloons. You can choose to let the paint match the colors of the balloons or not, what I personally like is that you don’t match the paint with colors of the ballon so that you don’t know which color is going to pop out of the balloon when you throw the darts, but you can do whatever you want it doesn’t matter at all. Next you want to blow up your balloon and tie a knot at the end. The next step is to tape the balloons onto the canvas, and you’re ready to go. Take your darts and then start throwing them at the canvas when you hit a balloon the paint will pop right onto the canvas. This DIY makes a great game and after playing you have a really cool canvas too. 

This photo is from Pinterest as you could probably see. ūüėČ

What is similar the first DIY is another DIY and what you need for the second DIY is :

  • A canvas 
  • Eggs 
  • And paint

So the first step is to take the eggs, poke a hole in them and then clean them out. What you do next is take the  paint and pour it through the hole in the egg, and that’s basically it, you just need to throw the eggs at at the canvas and you will get a similar effect as the other DIY with the balloons. 

Photo: Pinterest

The next DIY, well it’s not really a DIY but that doesn’t matter ūüėÄ is messy twister. What you will need for this is : 

  • Twister (game )
  • And paint

So what you do is take your twister game and take your paint and pour the paint onto the circles from your twister game ( and for this I would match the colors of paint with the colors of the circles on your twister game) And start playing. I think this is really fun and I would for sure want to try this out sometime with my friends.

Picture: Pinterest 


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