Hey guys,

So of course everybody has a couple of favorite songs, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite songs, wich means in this blog post I would be writing about songs you have to check out this summer.

BTW: comment down below what you’re favorite songs are

So the first song you should definitely check out is  “Bad Blood” from Taylor swift. Seriously whenever this song comes on the radio I always sing along

The second  song you should check out is ” just a little bit of your heart ” by Ariana Grande. OMG when I first heard this song I totally fell in love with it. 

The third song is ” cool for the summer ” By Demi Lovato, and as you probably already read from the title this song is perfect for the summer ūüėä

The fourth and fifth songs are ” loving so hard ” and ” can’t stop dancin ” by Becky G. 

The sixth song is ” whistle while you work it ” by Katy Tiz

And at last the seventh song you really have to check out is ” fire n gold ” from Bea Miller 

So yeah these are the songs I really love ūüėä 


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