Vacation #2

Hey everybody,

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while but that is because I don’t have a good internet connection or sometimes I don’t even have wifi, OMG I know right 😱😂

So today I wanted to do a haul based on what I got today, so yeah let’s get started 😊
So first I got Rimmel nail polish and it is from the Rita Ora collection and I totally love the colors, but this color was definitely my favorite and it was #860 bestival blue. And I got this at the Kruidvat for 3.99 euro’s. 

So next I got my favorite pens, and they’re  like the best. They were 0.95 cents and I got them at the Hema. 

Next I got this book from the Omslag ( wich is a book store ) and I got this for 14.95 I believe but I’m not sure. This book is about a girl ( Ellen ) and she is going to move to another country, and she is starting a diary and the book is like her diary, so you kind of get to read in her diary.  

Next I got some name tags at the Hema for 0.95 cents. 

And next I got a map from Bart Smit ( wich is a toy store ) and it is kind of like a letter set, with of course envelopes and letters in it and it is so cute ! And I got this for 9.95 euro’s. 

And at last I got this keychain from my grandpa 😊 

So yeah keep in touch with my blog because I will be posting a lot of stuff soon💕



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