Vacation #3 + Exciting news !!

hey everybody,
So as you probably read from the title I have some very exciting news for you guys, although iam not going to tell everything yet, there might be a give away there might be a collab or there might even be a special guest coming on my blog. So yeah keep in touch with my blog to find out. BTW: put in the comments down below what you think the exciting news might be. 

But anyways today I wanted to do a beauty kind of blog post where iam going to be talking about 

the Rita Ora nail collection from Rimmel London.
So you might know from my last blog post that I bought the color Bestival Blue from the Rita Ora’s nail collection. Wich is this one    
   And when I first used it I totally loved it! So I got some more while I was going shopping ( again ) as a late birthday present. I got the colors Sweet Retreat  
 And roll in the grass 

So as I told you I totally love the nail polish and the colors, that’s why I wanted to do a blog post about it.ūüėÄ

So first I wanted to tell you about the different colors there are, I think they are really colorful and perfect for the summer. So these are the colors

  • #270 sweet retreat
  • #300 glaston berry
  • #332 neon fest
  • #400 tangerine tent
  • #408 peachella 
  • #413 oragina 
  • #450 daisy days
  • #498 rain rain go away
  • #558 go wild-er-ness
  • #860 bestival blue
  • #878 roll in the grass
  • #880 port-a-loo blue

The next thing that I wanted to tell you was that you need to put about 2-3 layers of nail polish on your nails to get the prefect effect I guess you could say.

I bought my nailpolish at the Kruidvat and Etos for 3.99 euro’s, but you can of course order these on the Internet too.

I definitely recommend this nail polish because the colors are so colorful and you only need to put a couple of coats on your nails.






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