Vacation #4 part 2 ?!?

Hey guys,

I’m sorry, but I also think my last blog post was really confusing. Well remember when I told you guys on social media I wrote 9 whole pages for my blog…. Well it turned out when I actually started typing it on WordPress that it was to much, so what happened was that I added some pictures and it didn’t load. So I had to make a part 2 because it was so long. I’m sorry guysūüíē

Well here are some pictures of the fairytale woodsūüėä 


O yeah and I almost forgot we also went to the Efteling museum and it was really cool. 

And then at last we went to Aquanura wich is an awesome water show. Here are some photo’s and video’s from Aquanura. 

After that we sadly had to go home but the Efteling was so much fun though.

Put  in the comment down below what you would like to see on my blog.

See you in my next blog post ( wich might be the exciting newsūüíēūüėäūüėĀ ) 


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