Vacation #4

Haai everybody,

So today is finally going to be a life blog post !ūüéČ ( and no, this is not the exciting news ) And I decided to do one because I did something very exciting, I went to the Efteling ! ūüíē And the Efteling is a very cool amusement park, it has a lot of cool roller coasters but it also has water shows and magical woods. So yeah let’s get started. ūüôā

So first ( and of course ). I got out of my bed, I got dressed, and then went downstairs. I ate my breakfast and then brushed my teeth. ( o yeah and I forgot to tell you I was going to go to the Efteling with my mom and sister, my grandma and grandpa and my aunt niece and nephew ) Then we packed our stuff, and we were ready to go. We got into the car and went to the Efteling.

Once we got in the parking lot it already felt magical. Here is how the Efteling looked from the outside. 

 We waited a little while for my family to get here ( because we were pretty early ) And when they got here we went inside. 

Here are some pictures from the Efteling inside. 

 Then we went into the Droom Vlucht wich is an attraction where you get into a cart and it brings you around elfs and woods. I’m sorry it is really hard to explain but I got some pictures though. Oh yeah and also the attraction is really dark and full of flowers. Here are some pictures.

This is the entrance of the Droom Vlucht. 

 Sometimes it could be really busy and people would be waiting in this kind of line. 

 This is a picture from the Droom Vlucht, and I only took one because it was so dark and this was the only one that turned out pretty good. 

 ( and as you could see there are a lot of flowers )

Here are fairies from the Droom Vlucht. 

 And this picture is from the Efteling website.

Next we went to a show called Ravelein. This outdoor show was about Maurits, Joost, Tomas, Emma and Lisa ( the main characters) and they discover this magical village called Ravelein, and in Ravelein there is this evil guy who wants to take over Ravelein. Together Maurits, Joost, Tomas, Emma and Lisa try to defeat him. This show is really cool because it has a lot of cool things in it like fire, water, birds, horses and much more. 

Then after the show we went with this little Efteling train and it basically takes you around the Efteling and it also has a couple of stops and whenever you want ( when there is a stop ) you could get out of the train. When the train stopped at his first stop, we got out. Here is a photo of a train stop. 

 Next we went into an outdoor roller coaster called the Bob and it goes up and down the whole time and it also goes really fastūüėĀ

Here are some pictures of the other roller coasters the Efteling has. 


Also there just got a new roller coaster in the Efteling wich is called the Baron 1898. It looks pretty scary but on the other hand pretty cool too. 


After that we went into the Pir√£na wich is an outdoor attraction where you go on a boat and get on the water, and also get really wet because there are pretty high waves, waterfalls ( and sometimes you even go through the waterfalls ) and much more. This is definitely one of my favorite attractions in the Efteling.

Next we went to the Fata Morgana wich is an attraction where you get on a boat, and the boat will bring you around Asian type of scenes.

After that we went through a maze and it was actually pretty big so it’s was fun too ūüėä 

And next we went to Carnaval Festival wich is similar to the Fata Morgana and the Droom Vlucht but this time you get in a cart and it brings you around different scenes of the world, and it is so much fun!

Then we went to have some dinner, and guess what it is, put that in the comments down below ūüôā

Next we went to the fairytale woods wich are basically woods were you could walk around and it has these amazing statues castles and just magical things. Here are some pictures of it. 





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