Tips for school

Hey everybody,

So as I told you in my Vacation #3 + exciting news blog post, I had something very exciting planned, but I wasn’t telling you guys what it was yet. So throughout the week I was working with someone very exciting, and yes you guessed it right, iam doing a collab!!! ūüôā And the person iam doing the collab with is Zita from mylifebyzita. I totally love her blog, and because we did a collab the other 5 tips are on her blog. Although because her blog is in Dutch you probably won’t understand it but you could  translate it on google translate or you can just ask me what it means. So yeah what we are doing is a tips for school blog post if you didn’t already see from the title. ūüôā I hope you enjoy our tips for school. 

#1 If you’re having a test, study with your friends! Believe me it is so much more fun than studying on your own. 

#2 On the first day of school try to be yourself, and make new friends! ( who knows he or she may be your new best friend )

#3 If you’re studying try to find a quiet spot, because if you’re going to be learning in a busy or noisy spot it might distract you or it might be hard to concentrate there.

#4 Listen to music if you’re studying for a test, but don’t listen to too loud music, too distracted music or you’re favorite song because what might happen is that in the middle of studying you might sing along and get distracted. ūüôā If that doesn’t happen to you you can listen to any kind of music.

#5 number five might not be a real tip but I would definitely recommend it. In the beginning of the year start a diary and write everything down what happens at school ( well everything might be a lot ) and at the end of the school year you have a diary full of memories. Tip: Let your friends write in it too.

So I hoped you enjoyed our tips for school and make sure to check out: 

Or what you can do is is follow her on Instagram and her name on that is also mylifebyzita. 

I hope you have a great school year!


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