Hey everybody, 

This might not really be a blog post but I just wanted to tell you that I won’t be blogging for like a week. And that’s because iam going to London!!! Yay! But don’t worry after a week there’s gonna be a huge but like huge blog post. There’s gonna be pictures of London, fun things to do in London, a life blog post and  I might just be blogging about some fun stores to visit when you’re going to London sometime. 

O yeah here are some pictures from while I was at my Hotel.

 Keep in touch with my blog ūüėČūüėä


2 thoughts on “London

  1. natasja2015 says:

    Hi Maureen,
    How nice you are blogging too! I saw your link om the blog from Zita.
    I hope you’ll have fun in London. Maybe you can write seversal blogposts of London. Blogposts which are too long doesn’t read well. Just a tip!

    Enjoy your holiday!

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  2. Liesbeth mesman says:

    Lieve Maureen, dankzij jouw tip wet ik hoe ik je een reactie kan sturen over jouw blog. Ik kijk uit naar jouw nieuws over Londen. Maar waarschijnlijk komt er ook een blog over je eerste schooldag!

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