London part 1

Hey everybody,

So as you probably knew I was going to London for a couple of days and as I told you guys I would of course be blogging about it, and iam really sorry but I forgot to mention that I would be making several blog posts instead of one big one. ( I think there are going to be at least 3 blog posts but I’m not sure ) So let’s get started.:)

So the first blog post is a fun things to do in London blog post, and I thought it would be nice to do one because if you’re going to London sometime you actually know some places to go to. And if you’re not going to London I also took some pictures so you can look at them.;)

The first thing you should definitely visit or go to is the Elizabeth tower, Also known as : the Big Ben. And I know everybody says this, but in real life it is so beautiful and it is build with so many details. And I seriously got like a ton of pictures.  

 The second thing you should really go to is the Queen’s palace because it is so awesome to see, it has gold everywhere, you could see the guards and much more, and if you never saw the Queen’s palace ( like me ) it is really fascinating. 


The next thing you should visit is the tower bridge and when I first came there I was like: OMG a part of it is blue ( and if you didn’t know yet, blue is my favorite color ) And just like the other places it is really pretty. 

 The fourth thing you should visit is Madame Tussauds you do have to pay for it but it’s definetely worth it. It has wax figures like Beyonc√© and Emma Watson, it has a Marvel 4d movie, a ride and just now there got special wax figures from the movie Star Wars ( you do have to pay extra money to see the Star Wars wax figures though )  


And the fifth and sixth you should do is any kind of bus tour or boat tour because it is just a way to learn a little bit more about London, and if you’re going on a bus tour it has a couple of stops so whenever there is a stop you could get out of the bus.  

And if you’re going on a trip or vacation, just explore and have fun!


2 thoughts on “London part 1

  1. Liesbeth mesman says:

    Maureen, wat een prachige beschrijving heb je gemaakt van verschillende bezienswaardigheden in Londen, ik denk dat je heel veel mensen enthousiast hebt gemaakt om ook een keer naar Londen te gaan. Ik ben benieuwd naar het volgende deel.

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