London part 2

Hey everybody, 

As you’ve probably noticed I didn’t blog for a while and that’s because iam going to make a change on my blog, but don’t worry it’s not going to be a very big one. Instead of blogging two or three times a week iam going to be blogging once a week, and that’s because school just started and iam going to have a lot of homework soon ūüė¶ but I have some very exciting blog posts planned for the fall though. But anyways today I wanted to talk a little bit about some fun stores and restaurants in London, most of these stores you have in the United States, so if you see a store you want to check out I will have the links for the stores in this blog post ūüôā So let’s get started.

So first I want to talk a little bit about some fun shopping stores, and if you go to London and you want to shop trust me you have to go to Oxford street.

Here are some of the stores.

  • Urban outfitters ( this is one of my favorite stores and guess what, it had a photo booth in it) 
  • Primark ( this  store has really cheap clothing and there really fun too ) 
  • Forever 21                               
  • Kiko ( this is one of my favorite make up/ nail polish stores, and literally their nail polish is the best)
  • And the rest of the stores are like H&M and basically all the other stores they have in America.

And next is a really cute restaurant, and when I say cute I mean like really cute. The name of the restaurant is the Albert, and they have Some really good food there. And believe me everywhere at a restaurant you see that they sell fish an chips. Here are some pictures of the Albert.  


( and this meal I did share because it was so big) 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, see you next week.  


One thought on “London part 2

  1. Liesbeth mesman says:

    Goed idee Maureen om nog een keer per week iets te schrijven op jouw blog, school is ook belangrijk , volgende keer geen nieuws meer uit Londen maar uit Amerika?

    Liked by 1 person

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