Fall outfits 🍁🍂

Hey everybody,

So this blog post is not going to be a normal one, this is going to be my very first fall blog post ! YAY ! OMG Iam so excited for fall, are you guys? ( let me know in the comments )  And today I wanted to do a fall outfits blog post. O yeah and a special thanks to SandrienBphotograpy who took these photos of me, so make sure to go check here out. So without further or do lets just get started. 

 So for my first outfit I paired one of my favorite jeans, with a denim blouse which I got from H&M, and one of my sweatshirts. And all I did was just put on the blouse first and then the sweatshirt. And to finish it of I put on my pink Nikes. ( and BTW these are like my favorite sneakers ever ) 

 For my second look I choose a more comfy outfit and what I did was I just put on an over sized sweatshirt from Forever 21 ( which I absolutely love ) and then of course my favorite jeans again and my chocolate colored Bear Paws. 


And for my last outfit I paired this shirt which I got from Abercrombie and Fitch and of course my jeans and chocolate colored Bear Paws again. And I don’t really know but for some reason this outfit just really reminds me of fall with the dark blue in it. 

I really hoped you liked my very first fall blog post and my outfits for fall, and I hope to see you next week 🙂  BTW: comment down below what you’re favorite fall outfit was. Bye hope you have a wonderful fall 💕


2 thoughts on “Fall outfits 🍁🍂

  1. natasja2015 says:

    I really love the photos. But Sandrien is very good in it, so of course the photos are awesome! Forever 21 is a really nice shop. I like it too. Unfortunally there is only a shop in Amsterdam over here. But thanks for the internet. I hope you will do more often posts like this.

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