Fall essentials 🍁🍂

Hey everybody,

Iam sooooooo sorry that this blog post is sooooooo late, but I had a really bad cold, tons of homework and tons of tests. So today I was finally done with my homework and was like: ” Hey why don’t I work on my blog post today. ” and guess what, I did. 🙂 For this blog post I wanted to do a fall essentials type of post, because in fall you are going through a lot of struggles, (believe me ) and I hope this blog post will help you with that. So without further or do lets just get started. 

So my first fall essential is any kind of oversized sweatshirt because first of all they’re really cute and they are just really perfect for a cold fall day.

 My next fall essential is a good book  to read because you’re probably not going to spend the day outside ( when it’s pretty cold) and what is better than just going to your bedroom and just reading a good book? 


Another fall essential is any kind of candle or fall scent. I definitely recommend the scents : Flannel and Leaves from Bath and Body works because they just smell sooooo good 😍  Here is the link to go check them out. 👇👇👇👇👇 


Leggings. Fall is perfect for wearing leggings, because you know that day when it’s freezing in the morning and pretty hot in the afternoon, you know leggings are just perfect for that. 

My fifth fall essential is any kind of fall colored nail polish because it just helps you to get the feeling of fall, and the colors are really really really pretty.  

Next are decor pumpkins ( I just call them that ) which are those pumpkins you put in your room just to make it look really cozy and just so cute. I really love this fall essential because it is a really cute way to decorate your room in a different way.  

The last fall essential is any kind of lip balm ( I really love Eos and I definitely recommend them) and this is one of my most favorite fall essentials because you know when your lips get really irritated when it’s really cold out, it’s just so annooooying, and lip balm’s are the perfect solution for that.  
I hoped you liked my fall essentials blog post. O yeah and while I was typing this I figured that I’ve been using these emojis🍁🍂 a lot, and I just came up with an idea, if you have and Instagram or Twitter and you have read my fall essentials blog post it will be Awesome  if you post a picture or a tweet using those emojis and tagging me in it. Of course you don’t have to but it will really be awesome.  💕 



2 thoughts on “Fall essentials 🍁🍂

  1. Natasja says:

    Good blogpost! Your writings are very good! I really like this type of blog posts. Looking forward to read more of it.

    Can you write in English all by yourself, or does your mother (or father) check your grammar and spelling?


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