Healthy snack ideas

Hey everybody,

So for todays blog post I wanted to do a healthy snack ideas type of one. And I noticed that recently that there are all these types of blog posts or videos about healthy lunch ideas, healthy breakfast ideas and even healthy dinner ideas! But there were not a lot of healthy snack ideas. Since I really love these types of blog posts, I decided to do one of my own. In  this blog post Iam going to be talking about some healthy snack ideas ( obviously ) but still in a way that they are super yummie 🙂  So without further or do let’s just get started.

So my first snack is any type of nuts. And you don’t really realize it but nuts are really healthy. Just to warn you, nuts are a true addiction ( really ). Whenever you eat one you seriously want more. Also if you want to go for a little healthier you can get nuts without salt, but if you buy with salt, of course that’s fine too.

And if you didn’t notice nuts are a little expensive, so that’s why I wanted to show you this next snack. The next snack is some yoghurt. Just basically some yoghurt. I really really love yoghurt, and if you want you can even mix some yoghurt with some fruit of your choice, put it in a bowl or cup or even a mason jar and enjoy!

My third snack is of course some fruits or vegetables. This snack is not really special or anything, but it is so delicious! BTW: I luvvvvv bananas,grapes and watermelons 🙂

My last and final snack is a granola bar. And be careful, make sure to read what’s in the granola bar ( ingredients ) because some are really delicious but not typically healthy. Make sure it has natural ingredients. I really recommend the ones from Nature Valley because it has a lot of natural ingredients and they are sooooo delicious ! Of course you can make you’re granola bars on your own, and you can find these recipes everywhere on the internet.

With this blog post being written though, it doesn’t mean you should only eat healthy because the worst thing you can do in eating history is either eating too much or eating too less 🙂 Just keep eating what you love is the most important thing! YOU ARE GOOD JUST THE WAY YOU ARE just to remind yourself. Anyways I hoped you liked this blog post ❤

Byeee Maureen 🙂


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