My trip to NYC and my decision

Hey everybody,

As you probably know from my last blog post, I wanted to change my lay out. The lay out that had the most votes was #1, but  as I was about to change my lay out, I scrolled down… And to my surprise it looked very messy, and some parts were even in Dutch. I really liked #1 but I just couldn’t change it. That’s why I picked #2, this had 2 votes less than #1. I hope you like my lay out, I will be changing it very soon 🙂

Now, of course I didn’t want to write this blog post, and just talk about my decision, and them wait until next week. So on tuesday I had a day off, and I went to NYC. I went to time square, I waited outside the building of Good Mornig America ( I even got to meet Robin Roberts ! ), and of course I went to the M&M store. Here are some pictures of my day in New York 🙂

See you next week ❤

x Maureen



2 thoughts on “My trip to NYC and my decision

  1. ally!!! says:

    those pictures are awesome! are they your mom’s or yours? if they’re yours, you need to be a professional photographer!!!!!


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