My recent favorites #2

Hey everybody,

For today’s blog post I wanted to do a “My recent favorites”  part 2 blog post, since I know a lot of you loved my first one. And as you might of noticed I’ve changed my profile picture, and I’ve also changed my theme for my blog. Make sure to let me know if you like the new theme and if you like my new profile picture ūüôā And for today’s blog post I wanted to keep this intro  a little short, so without further or do let’s just get started, I hope you like it ūüôā

So as I was scrolling through Facebook I saw something so so so SO pretty! What I saw was , this really really pretty dress from Sherri Hill ‚̧ It is blue ( my favorite color ) with these pink flowers on it I guess. And I just can’t even describe it. I love it so much !

Also what I have been enjoying recently, is haul videos on youtube. I especially like the what I got for christmas videos and the black friday hauls videos. Literally every time I go on youtube I watch these videos. Alsooo, speaking of youtube, the christmas/ winter videos are back!! I’m just so excited.

Also speaking of youtube ( again ) I found this hilarious youtube video. And this is seriously one of my favorite videos. You just have to go watch it. O yeah and BTW: this video is from Maddy on JustLikeThat.

My third thing I’m loving, and I think everyone is basically loving this is the scents from bath and body works. And seriously, the winter scents are coming back! Vanilla bean noel, twisted peppermint, winter candy apple, merry berry christmas, and jingle all the way. BTW: they’re having this huge deal, every body lotion is only $3.

Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog post and reading it ūüôā I hope you like it, and I hope you can relate to some of these things. Byeeee see you next week.

X Maureen


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