My christmas wish list 2015

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

Hey everybody,

so for today’s blog post I wanted to do a “My Christmas Wish List 2015 ” blog post. And I’m not that type of person that expects to get all of their chritmas wishes, not at all. Iam writing this blog post just because I love writing it and maybe you just don’t know what you want to get and get some ideas for your christmas wish list. Personally I love these blog posts, and even I got some ideas from reading these type of blog posts, or even watching youtube videos like this. But anyway let’s just get started.

The first thing I would really like to get ( maybe this is a little present, but I still would love this so much ) is the Burt’s Bees mint coca lip balm. I don’t know why but somehow in winter I’m so into lipbalms ( especially cocoa scented ones ♥ ) This could be perfect for in your stocking, or just any normal present.


IMG_1638The next thing I would really like is just some pajamas, cause who doesn’t like pajama’s ? I found these really cute ones at Abercrombie and Justice. These are seriously so cute right?
  Next is just some really cute clothing, like these pieces of clothing from Abercrombie. I especially like the first one, it soo cute! I don’t really have to say something about this kind of present but Abercrombie has some really cute clothes ( obviously )
  The next thing that I would really like to get is some jewerly. I especially love the jewerly from Origami Owl. What it bassicaly is is it is a locket with these really cute charms in it, the thing is they have like a thousand charms! You can completely customize it yourself. You can pick different lockets, charms, and much more!
  The thing that is a little bit more expensive is this polaroid printer. This is so cute! It is a printer ( obviously ), but it prints these really cute photo’s from your phone! You can even choose a filter.  You can get this at Target and Urban Outfitters ( and much more of course). ( I might also get this at black  friday, if it’s on sale of course ) And last but not least is some christmas/ winter scents. I just love the sweet smells ! Recently I just bought Jingle all the way from Bath and Bodyworks, and it seriously smells sooo good.

I really really really hoped you liked this blog post ♥ Hope to see you next week.


x Maureen



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