A day in New York

“Baby it’s cold outside””

Hey guys,

I am really sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but… today’s blog post is going to be a very fun one because I went to New York City for the weekend! It was a lot of fun, although it was really cold, it was a great experience to go to New York with all the christmas decorations. I really hope you guys enjoy this blog post about my adventure in New York ūüôā Let’s get started¬†‚ô•

While I was in New York everything was so pretty with all the different types of christmas decorations. New York also had something really exciting where I fell in love with immediatly, they had the winter villages ! Winter villages are bassicaly little booths/shops. I had so much fun just looking around, I actually bought some really cool drawings from Jamel aka: Melsysillustrations. You could buy different types of things from hot chocolate to jewerly. I just thought it was so cute! The next day in the area of the winter villages they also actually had an ice skating rink, so my dad and my sister went ice skating while my mom and I looked around the little winter villages. After that we just explored the city and we also went to Rockefeller center with the giant christmas tree, which was so cool. We also went to Macy’s which had the coolest christmas decorations. Since it was so cold, we went to eat something and went inside Pret a Manger ( which is a cafe ). While I was casually drinking my hot chocolate, Austin Mahone’s song started playing and one employee started dancing and singing, it was so funny. The music got a little louder and some employees actually joined in, that made my day even more special for sure. The whole week in New York ¬†was so awesome and it was a great experience. I hope you guys liked this blog post and I hope every single one of you will have a merry christmas ūüôā See you next week

X Maureen ♥

This was the big christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.


This was the little booth of Jamel.

While I was exploring the city, I saw these huge lights and ornaments.



2 thoughts on “A day in New York

  1. Joeske says:

    Mooi geschreven Mau! I must admit that i’m very very jealous of your trip though! Have a Nice christmas and keep up with this blog!
    Liefs aan iedereen! ūüėėūüėėūüėė joeske


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