Hey guys !

I first of all want to thank you guys for 750+  views on my blog ! I did not expect this at all 🙂 I hope you had an awesome 2015 ! My 2015 was full of incredible moments, and I wanted share some of my 2015 highlights with you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this post 🙂  BTW: what was your  2015 highlight ?

  • I met Rachel ! ( rclbeauty101)
  • I went to new york and got to meet Jamel (aka melsysillustrations ) you can read more of my day in the last blog post.
  • Star Wars the Force Awakens came out. And yes, I am a Star Wars fan 🙂
  • Starting my blog ( yes, you guys were a part of it too )
  • Going to Florida
  • Going to London
  • Going to the Netherlands
  • My best friend coming to the United States
  • Going to Madame Tussaud’s
  • My birthday
  • Christmas

And these were just to name a few. Thanks to everyone who was part of my 2015, friends, family, teachers, readers of my blog etc… I wish everyone a healthy and AMAZING 2016. I also wish everyone good luck at school writing the date on a worksheet, because you gotta admit, you still write 2015 on your paper while it’s still 2016 😂

X – Maureen



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