Hey guys ! 

So, right before winter break I went to NY and met  Jamel ( aka melsysillustrations), she is an amazing artist who sells her drawings on Etsy. I have always enjoyed drawing from when I was little to now. I started drawing a little more and got so inspired by Jamel that I wanted to do the same thing, share my art work with the world. I started of by dreaming how I would start selling my art work and all that kind of stuff. That didn’t happen ( yet ) just kidding, maybe later. From now on I will be sharing my art work on Instagram and my blog. If you would like to check out my Instagram that would make my day, it’s called, mdb_illustrations. I know I am not the artist that never messes up, doesn’t have any mistakes in her drawing, and that her artwork is amazing, because that artist could not exist. I am still learning many techniques, and I am still figuring out my style of course. 

Hope you liked my blog post ūüíē XXX Maureen 


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