Izzy Be 

Hey guys !

Have you ever heard of Izzy Be ? Izzy Be is a fashion store with amazing clothes, home decor, jewerly, and more ! Every clothing item has an amazing message to it,and today’s blogpost is going to be all about it.

Not only has Izzy Be super cute and inspiring clothing, ” Izzy Be is committed to giving 10% of every purchase toward one of our  selected local and global nonprofit organizations, “.

Like Isabella ( Izzy ) said, “We believe the one of the most powerful ways we can create an impact is through our words. We focus on creating fashion with positive messages that reflects those who wear it and inspires those who see it. ”

Izzy Be is so amazing. I would definitely recommend this to tweens and teens who are looking for fashionable clothing with inspiring messages. If you would be interested, or just wan to take a look, here is the website:   http://www.izzybe.com

I know this blog post was a little short, but I’m planning on something really exciting for  the next  blog post. Anyway, I hoped you guys enjoyed it, and I hope to see you guys next week. Byee ! xoxo Maureen




My favorite shirt there 




2 thoughts on “Izzy Be 

  1. Julie Meyers Pron says:

    I just had to come back and comment on another post — your blog is AWESOME. I’m really enjoying it. Not sure if you know, but I’ve been blogging since 2004(!) You were probably a baby then! I made a part-time career of it for a while. It’s been a while since I blogged because I teach at West Chester U now and don’t have as much time to focus on my blog. But I also blogged about fashion (mostly, fashion for moms, but before that “fashion” for babies and little kids.)

    I’m just really excited for you, because I think you have something great here, Maureen. It’s hard to balance it with school, friends and activities, so you may find that at times it’s not so easy to find the time to post on your blog. That’s okay! It’s the great thing about blogging… it’ll still be here when you have something to say.



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