Spring outfit ideas 

Hey guys !

I am so so so so excited for this blog post, because this is definitely one of my favorite blog posts to write, and to work on. So if you haven’t noticed already, this blog posts is going to be all about fashion, spring outfit ideas in particular 🙂 First of all I want to say thank you to SandrienBPhotography, who took all these pictures of me. And second, thank you so much ! We are so close to 1,000 views ! Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy this blog post, and let’s just get started.

For the first ” spring outfit ” I decided to pair this top, which I got from Abercrombie, with these jeans from Old Navy. Honestly I think you can pair this outfit with basically  any type of jeans. Then to finish the look, I put on some black flats. I guess you can say that this outfit is a little bit formal, and you can wear it to like a party or something, yet you can also wear it when you go shopping or something.

The next outfit that I put together is definitely my favorite of all. This outfit is really simple, yet really cute. For this outfit I paired this adorable dress from Abercrombie, with a  flower crown to complete the look. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the flower crown, but I still wanted to include it, because it was definitely something important to make this outfit extra cute. I didn’t have the proper shoes for this outfit because mine were too big for sure, but I wore some flip flops with it. I love this outfit so much because you can wear this in the summer and in the spring time, but also because I just love everything about the dress, the flowers, the color, how the dress fits, etc. I’m just completely in love 🙂

The last outfit I am going to show you is definitely for a colder spring day. For this look I paired this super cute shirt from Brandy Melville, with these  jeans from Old Navy, and a gray ( super soft, I may add ) cardigan from Charlotte Russe. For the shoes I added the black flats again. I added the cardigan, because if it suddenly gets warm ( which we’ve all experienced ) you can just take it off, instead of having a sweater on, which is the worst when it is really hot.


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any blog posts requests make sure to let me know in the comments down below. And I hope to see you guys next week, byeee.

xoxo Maureen


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