What to do in summer + how to get organized 

Hey guys,

I am really excited for this blog post because it is going to be my first summer post! It has been so hot the few days, and I am talking about 90 degrees, which means the pool opened and I am summer ready. Also, I am totally in love with Meghan Trainor’s new album, Thank You ( which is what I am listening to right now, while writing this blog post) . Since school has ended ( finally:) ) and you don’t have any homework, projects, etc. Well, you can get bored,so I decided to write a blog post about things to do this summer, and how to make it an unforgettable time.

The first thing I definitely would put on my bucket list is to DIY my shorts. I recently scrolled through my Facebook and Instagram, and found out about this thing called #HCODIY. This is were you vamp up your Hollister shorts with patches and many more things. I just can’t wait to do this. Also a huge shout out to LaurDIY for this picture, and for being one of my favorite youtubers ever.

The next thing I would do this summer is to get organized! I know this is very simple, but it definitely will help. Since you will be free most the time, either if you’re just staying at home or going on vacation it is always good to plan what you will be doing, so that you won’t plan 23 things to do at the same time! I have been looking for planners for a month, and I really mean it, I am such a perfectionist! Well, anyway,  I saw the perfect planner in a video, I knew i had to get it, so I left a comment asking where it was from. There was no reply, which i totally understand because youtubers are really busy. Then, a couple of days after I saw the planner, I looked up cute planners on Google and there it was, the first thing that came up, the planner I had seen in the video. I went to Michael’s the next day and my mom had something in her hand, can you guess it what it was ? It was the planner! I guess it was just meant to be 🙂 

Another way to get organized is to clean out your closet. It is a way to start fresh and put most of your sweaters and sweat pants away, no matter how comfy they are !

And last but not least you just have to explore, and make the most out of everything, like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter whether you are on vacation or not. Hang out with a friend, go to the beach, swim, run, color, bike, but don’t spend to much time on your electronics. Also, take lots of pictures, and later  put them in a scrapbook (optional ).

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post 🙂

xoxo Maureen


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